Living Life As I Am (LLAIA) is a Lifestyle Blog dedicated to inspiring others to live their best life where they are now.

My name is Vanessa Smith and I am the creator behind Living Life As I Am. LLAIA is a reflection of my Creativity, Positivity, and my Passion for Helping others. On this blog, I share recipes, beauty tips, DIY projects, How To’s, and inspiration for you to start living your best life where you are now.

My Husband and I have recently moved from San Diego, California to Cincinnati, Ohio and I am looking forward to learning all about my new city and taking you all on this journey with me.

Whether you are looking for words of wisdom, a great dessert recipe, looking for beauty review, or would like to follow me on my new journey in life, Living Life As I Am is the place for you to find your inspiration to “Live your Best Life”. Be sure to subscribe to the LLAIA newsletter to get all of the inspiration you need.

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