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Welcome to my very first blog, I am so excited to be an “official” member of the blogger community! YAY ME!

My name is V. and I am here and ready to blog about everything. I am a wife who aspires to be a mom, actually a stay at home mom (like that will ever happen *sigh*). I like to think of myself as a very creative, positive, loving, passionate, vivacious, and savvy person.  But guess what…I am actually a very shy person who is trying to break out of this shyness, who would have known? The reaction that I get from everyone I know when I relay this information to them is “I had no idea that you are shy”. Well like I always say “fake it til’ you make it LOL!

 I started my blog to help me break out of my comfort zone and really start putting my thought and feelings in to words.  I am ready to share all of my SAVVY tips and trick on life. I am not a writer by profession, but I really enjoy blogging. I have so much to say; and not to mention, I am starting a few new journeys in life that I am excited to document. Please keep in mind that everything I am writing on my blog is my personal experiences and opinions.

I hope you enjoy my first blog ever, I know I am going to enjoy writing it. Your feedback is welcomed.

Live the life you want and stay vivacious!

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