The Best Affirmations to Remove Self-Doubt

Hey Friends,

As you may or may not know, I am a true advocate for Daily Affirmations and Positive Thinking.

I am not going to lie to you.

With everything that has transpired in my life within the last 3 months, I have not been on my “Positivity” game. It is time for me to get back on track. Time to remove the negative self-doubt that I have been dealing with over the past month. The most important thing for me to do to start getting back on track is to… Re-incorporate daily affirmations back into my daily routine.

Let me just say,

It is impossible for someone to walk through life all day every day thinking nothing but positive thoughts all day. It’s not realistic. You really must work at having a Positive mindset. I feel that in my journey to becoming Self-Aware, it is imperative that I can think and see myself in a positive light.

So, as I mentioned, I have been dealing with self-doubt lately and I am not sure where it is coming from. It could be the huge move that my husband and I have recently made. Or the stress of a few huge life-changing decisions that I must make soon. Either way, it is time for me to consciously kick this “Self-Doubt” in the a** and get back to being a better me.

If you are struggling with “Self-Doubt”, here are my top 5 Daily Affirmations to Remove Self-Doubt:

  1. I choose to fill my life with joy and positivity
  2. I’m confident in my knowledge and understanding of things
  3. I was made to fulfill a purpose
  4. I have the power to do anything I put my mind to
  5. I choose happiness over fear

Let me know in the comments below, what your favorite Affirmations are.

17 thoughts on “The Best Affirmations to Remove Self-Doubt

  1. Self doubt will creep up on your out of nowhere. I’m glad that you’re honest about it but also give us ways to help combat it.

  2. These affirmations are perfect and I will actually print them for myself and my son. Always good to speak life into yourself. Thank you.

  3. These are great affirmations! I keep affirmations everywhere because I hate negative thoughts but the seem to like me ughh…thanks for these I’ll add them to my growing collection. My favorite affirmations are: I am enough, and All is within

  4. This was so good ! Affirming my truth through affirmations has been such an amazing experience for me over the years. I taught my son that both life and death lie in the power of the tongue.

  5. of the ones you listed, “I was made to fulfill a purpose is my favorite. One of the things that helps that seed of self doubt, is the question, why am I here. I love that this affirmation answers it, but it still open ended.

  6. I was made to fulfill a purpose is what I need to say to myself every day, several times a day. I need to get into affirmations, I used to make my kids do them, but I never really did them myself.

  7. As someone who’s currently at a professional and personal crossroads with a lot of decisions to make, staying positive is hard – but necessary. I feel like so many things are up in the air.

  8. From you list above, number 1 is my fave. Choosing joy is a choice but even that had to be learned overtime. Your post is a great reminder that affirmations are a mindset and love and happiness starts from within.

  9. Using affirmations have really helped me manifest certain things in my life. Thanks for the ones shared here. I wrote some down in my journal to use later.

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