Best Exercises for Self-Awareness

Are you struggling with where to begin on your journey to Self-Awareness?

As I mentioned in my previous post “Are you Self-Aware” I am on a journey to become Self-Aware. I truly feel that is very important for us as individuals to be self-aware, especially these days.

With everything going on in the world and all the “reality” TV that we consume on a daily basis will have you questioning who you are as a person. It is so important for us to be confident in who we are and stick strongly to our values no matter what is going on around us.

If you are fully self-aware you will not feel the need to compare yourself to others. You will not second guess or question the decisions you make. You will have the self-knowledge that you need to be confident in who you are.

“Self-Awareness is the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feeling, motives, and desires. Self-Awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment.”

Today I am going to share with you my Top 4 exercises that have helped me on my journey to becoming self-aware:

1. Journaling:

Journaling is an underrated, underutilized tool that can help you so much. When you journal it allows you to get all the junk out of your mind and on to paper, which will allow room for innovative thoughts. Taking the time to journal can help you see what’s going on with you personally, mentally, and professionally. Journaling allows you to reflect on who you were, are, and will be based on what you have been journaling about.

2. Meditation:

Meditation is key to allowing yourself to let go and think. The practice of meditation does not have to be this elaborate “thing”. Just find a quiet space, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths and meditate on how you feel in the moment, your goals, what you’re doing in your life that is working, how can you change the things in your life that are not working. It helps me to journal after I meditate because so many thoughts are flowing in and out of my mind as I meditate.

3. Self-Reflection:

Self-Reflection allows you to focus on the important things in life. Remember when you take time out of the day for self-reflection you must be brutally honest with yourself. Unless this daily exercise will not work for you. The self-reflection process helps you to honestly look at who you are as a person.

4. Get Feedback from Others:

For me, this was the hardest thing to do. Especially asking my trusted friends for real and honest feedback on how they see me as a person. It is great when you have friends who understand that there are things in your life that you are trying to change. And because your friends know that, it is easier to ask them to “call you out” when you are doing something that they know you are trying to change.

If you are on a “Self-Awareness” journey, I hope you take the time to implement these 4 exercises in your routine.

Please let me know how these exercises work for you in the comments below or email me at

13 thoughts on “Best Exercises for Self-Awareness

  1. I too agree that becoming more self aware is critical in today’s day and age. There are so many more distractions now that some people simply float through life without ever taking time to reflect.

  2. I definitely feel like I’ve had a mental workout after I journal. My other place where my mind goes free is when I do a little yoga.

    1. Meditation is something that takes some time to really get in to. But as long as you find one thing to focus on as you get started, let’s say an affirmation like “I am in control of my peace and happiness” with each deep breath you take maybe repeat it about 5 times with no distractions is a great starting point.

  3. These are great tips! I love the one about asking for feedback from others, I do this with my family a lot because I know they wont hold back on me and they have my best interests in mind. So my mom and husband are my go-to’s for that!

  4. I just started a 14-day exercise challenge for this very reason. I recognized that I’m not getting any younger so I need to make some habit changes.

  5. Journaling is definitely something that helps me with self awareness. I don’t do it as often as I should, but I insist that the kids do it. It really starts their day off right.

    1. It was a struggle for me in the beginning too. Before I started fully journaling, I kept a notebook by my bed and just wrote out a gratitude list each night before I went to bed and that turned in to more in-depth journaling.

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