Get your Mind Right Mondays – Rewind

Start the week off right with a positive outlook on the week ahead.

If you get your mind right on Monday then the rest of the week should be easy breezy.



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Get your mind right Quote for MONDAY: 

“Tomorrow is a new day”.

Today was one of those days, you know those day that you wish you can press rewind and start all over again.

First of all I have not had a good night sleep in over 2 weeks and last night was no exception. My Monday morning started off so just not right, first I woke up later than I wanted to, then of course I couldn’t find anything to ware because I was totally having a “FAT” day. Oh did I mention that I forgot to put on make up, and by the time I remembered I was already running late and could not put my face together and/or grab my make up bag to apply it at work. It just seemed like one thing led to another today, and I could not shake the negativity that was coming my way.

All I kept thinking all day was that I wish I could press rewind and start this day all over. If I could only restart this day I could change the outcome of everything and shake the case of the Mondays. As today starts to come to an end, I have reminded my self that tomorrow is a new day. A day that I know will be an amazing day, because this Monday will be put in the past.

Thanks God for a new day!

I hope you all have a positive and fabulous week, now that Monday is behind us.

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