I like to think of myself as a naturally happy person (my personal opinion, not sure what my family and friends have to say about that), wouldn’t you rather be happy than unhappy. I would, but that’s just me.

Speaking of being happy, the song HAPPY by Pharrell OMG!!! I know it has been out for a while now but no matter how many times I have heard this song, or how I am feeling or what I am doing, when I hear this song I can’t help but get happier. What is that??? It’s like no matter what, I get this huge smile on my face and can’t help it. Sometimes I try to just sit there and listen to it as I would any other song, but it just takes over. I get to singing, dancing, and clapping, I just can’t help myself. I wonder if this happens to anyone else *

All I can say is, I enjoy being happy and this song just makes my day even better when I hear it.

I know a few people in life that could benefit from listening to this song once in a while.

Let’s get happy people!!!

Stay Vivacious,


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