Have you tried ASP Quick Dip Kit?

Back in the day, I had acrylic nails like every other woman. I loved them because my nails were always on point and I really never had to worry about them. On the other hand, I completely despised going to the nail salon every two weeks. Not only was I spending a lot of money getting my nails done, but it was a painful process for me. Can anybody else relate?

First and foremost, I hated the sound of filing or how it felt getting my nails filed. It is like nails on a chalkboard for me. Second; every time I would get my nails done, I would get cut by the drills that the nail technicians use. So I decided to take off my acrylics. I haven’t had them on in so many years because I refuse to go to the nail salon now.

So for years now, I have been doing my own nails. At least twice a  week I would paint my nails, and once a week I would give myself a manicure. I completely tried my best to keep my nails looking good, but my nails have always been so weak and brittle which is the reason why  I decided to start getting acrylics in the first place.

I have been looking for something to make my nails look good and last at least 2 weeks.

As I was talking with my mom about my nails, and she mentioned that there is a process that I can get done at the nail salon that would allow me to have the acrylic look and feel without needing the use of a drill. So when I went to visit my mom we tried to find someone to do my nails and we had no luck,


When I made it back home, I started to do some research on how I can do my own nails (I am all about that #DIY life) myself. I read up on all sorts of processes and decided to try a system by ASP called Quick Dip kit and I purchased it from Sally’s Beauty Supply. I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use this system. The first time I tried it, my nails came out a thicker than I liked and there was a lot of filling involved in the process. But all in all, it was so much better for me than going to the nail salon.

So if you are looking for a DIY acrylic set, I would recommend you try this product. Also, this is totally not a sponsored post, I just really like the simplicity of this product.

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