Hello and Goodbye, Time for something New

Goodbye VivaciouslySavvy.com and HELLO LivingLifeAsIAm.com!

It’s a sad, sad day, it’s time for me to say goodbye and farewell to VivacioulsySavvy.com *tear*. It’s been “real” girl, I am going to miss you so much…

VivaciouslySavvy.com is no more. When I started my journey of blogging, I felt like Vivacious and Savvy summed me up in two words. But as time has gone on, I realized that I AM so much more. I have so much to offer. I have grown up so much since I started blogging and it is now time to move on and “grow up”. With that being said *drum roll please* my blog name is changing to…

Living Life As I Am

The new blog URL is www.LivingLifeAsIAm.com. This blog is a Lifestyle blog centered around my life, as well as my love for all things Faith, DIY, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Living the Life I have grown to Love. With this blog, I hope to help and inspire you to live the life you love and tap into your creativity along the way.

I hope you all enjoy the new look and the new content that is to come. If you have any questions that you would like me to answer in a blog post, have any suggestion, or would like to collab, please feel free to email me at livinglifeasiam@gmail.com.



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