Savvy DIY: Knock-off Wildfox Sweatshirt

Savvy DIY-Knock Off Wildfox

Hello everyone!

So have you all seen those super fabulous WildFox sweatshirts with the  glittery heart?  You know the ones that cost about $150.00 (CRAZY, right?).

Ever since I saw the Wildfox sweatshirt on this chick that I ran in to at UTC mall back in October I wanted one, but I am not the one to  pay $150.00 for an oversized cotton sweatshirt with glitter on it. I tried to find a cheaper version of the sweatshirt, but I had no luck. So I figured I am a very savvy and creative person, so how can I go about making one for myself? Well first and foremost I figured all I needed was an oversized cotton sweatshirt, some glitter and something to hold the glitter in place. So I set out on a mission to make it happen. First I went to Joanne’s Fabric, and of course picked the brains of the helpful employees in the store and they helped me come up with the process of how I was going to make this happen.

Apparently all I needed to make my own sweatshirt was only four items:

  1. Cotton Sweatshirt of my choice (I got mine from Walmart for about $5.00)
  2. Glitter in the color of my choice
  3. Large heart stencil
  4. Fabric Glue

And here is the process that I used to make my sweatshirt:

  1. I placed my sweatshirt on a hard flat surface, and made sure it was smooth and had no wrinkles.
  2. I placed my heart stencil on my sweatshirt were I wanted the heart to be, and then I taped it on to the sweatshirt so that it would not move.
  3. In a bowl I mixed my glitter and fabric glue to make a glittery paste.
  4. Apply the glitter paste with a large paint brush or sponge.
  5. Let  it dry for about 20 minutes or if you are inpatient like me use a hairdryer to speed up the process.
  6. If there are any bald spots in your heart after you let it dry for a while, go back in and fill them in with more glittery paste.
  7.  Now let it dry for a few hours
  8. Cut the neck of the sweatshirt so that it has that off the shoulder kind of look.

And there you have it a FABULOUS knock-off Wildfox sweatshirt.

I loved my sweatshirt so much that I had all of the ladies at work make there own, and they came out so fabulous!

P.S. I have also learned that I am not the only one who wanted a cheaper version of this sweatshirt and figured out how to make it. You can also find DIY for this sweatshirt on YouTube.

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